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About Natural Transparent Soap

What makes transparent soap so good?

Transparent soap feels good, lathers beautifully and leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean while not drying it. How does it do all this? Because the soap crystals in transparent soap are small and there is no unnecessary excess oil, the soap is, in effect, pre-dissolved and ready for action, and feels extremely smooth to the skin. It takes little effort to lather up thick, creamy lather, and it takes little effort to rinse. No residue is left on your skin or in the sink and tub. No residue means less clogged pores and blemishes and no soap scum to scrub clean. Other handmade natural soaps (that are not transparent) contain up to 15% extra oil to ensure that there is no free lye left in the bar.

When was transparent soap first made?

Transparent soap has a long history dating back to 1789, when Andrew Pears first manufactured the bar that bears his name. Making soap transparent is an extra step for the soap maker, but one that is most worthwhile. Transparent soap can be made from the same solid fats (palm and coconut oil) as opaque soap, but usually the only liquid oil that is ever used is castor oil.

Why is transparent soap transparent?

Soap is transparent when it contains no large crystals, and theoretically all opaque soap can be made transparent, although some oil combinations do not result in a very clear soap. Recipes for transparent soap are usually a closely guarded secret because of the amount of experimentation involved in achieving the desired results. If you've ever tried to make any soap yourself, you'll realize that the combinations of oil and the proportions of them are infinite.

What is the definition of transparent soap?

According to one reference, soap is considered to be transparent if you can read 14pt bold text through a 1/4 inch thick slice of soap.

Does your transparent soap contain alcohol?

No. Before our soap is sold to anyone, it goes through a curing and drying time. The alcohol evaporates from the soap and the soap shrinks and develops its natural concave shape. The soap is then wrapped to retain the precious pure essential oils for your aromatherapy benefit, and labeled to provide you with information about which ingredients are contained in our natural transparent soap that is handcrafted with care in Canada for wholesale and retail purchase.

What are glycerine soaps?

Glycerine soaps are simply soaps that have glycerine added to them, making them look somewhat translucent. Sometimes natural soap makers will refer to their opaque soaps as glycerine soaps as well just because they contain glycerine. All soap when made with fats and lye contain glycerine because it is a natural by-product of the saponification reaction. Mass-produced soap has the glycerine removed from the soap because it is worth more money to sell it separately than to leave it in the soap where it may benefit the skin. The large amount of extra glycerine in glycerine soaps causes the soap to absorb water from the humidity in your bathroom. Thi is the same reason these bars are so gentle: a small film of glycerine left on the skin draws moisture from the iar to your skin. All our soap can be used right down to the very last tiny sliver.

Is your transparent soap Melt and Pour soap?

Our transparent soap is definitely NOT melt and pour. Most melt and pour formulations contain petroleum products: the same nasty detergents in most shampoos, body gels, facial bars etc. We make everything from scratch using exacting quality control methods and only the finest natural ingredients to leave the skin, the water and the conscience clear.
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Clearly Spice Transparent Soap $4.49
2.   Lavender & Lime Transparent Soap $4.49
3.   Clearly Forest Transparent Soap $4.49
4.   Clearly Sunshine Transparent Soap $4.49
5.   Licorice Mint Transparent Soap $4.49
6.   Citrus Glow Transparent Soap $4.49
7.   Flower Meadow Transparent Soap $4.49
8.   Tea Tree & Clove Transparent Soap $4.49
9.   Clear & Simple Transparent Soap $4.49
10.   Sweet Birch Transparent Soap $4.49
All prices in Canadian Dollars

Oatmeal Rub Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Passionate Spice Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Mint Swirl Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Lavender Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Purple Rose Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Luscious Licorice Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Wild Ginger Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Sweet Love & Honey Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Spearmint & Sage Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Radiant Sunshine Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Deluxe Aromatherapy Starter Kit - 5 mL
Reg. $111.70
On SALE for only $99.00

Deluxe Aromatherapy Starter Kit - 15 mL
Reg. $188.41
On SALE for only $172.00

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