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Discover the secret to clear, healthy skin with our handmade, 100% natural soap with pure essential oils. We bring you aromatherapy skin care that will relax, invigorate, inspire or energize you and also save you money! And check out our wonderful selection of pure essential oils. We buy them in bulk for use in our soap, and we are happy to share the savings with you for your aromatherapy or natural soap making needs! We also offer our special Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blends! Scroll down to read more...

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Have a look at our natural soaps made by hand in Canada. We proudly make our natural soaps by an exclusive process that we call our 'Exact Ingredient Process'. Using this process means we make the soap first & then add our precious skin-care oils, butters and clays, leaving them as nature intended for the benefit of your skin. Almost all other soap makers just mix everything with lye using the so-called cold process method, destroying much of nature's goodness. They can never tell you if it is cheap Canola oil that ends up on your skin or the superfat oil that they claim...We can tell you exactly what is in our bars since we add our precious ingredients once the soap has fully reacted. When we say that there is hempseed oil in our bar of soap, we mean it.

Are you still damaging your skin, hair and body by using detergent instead of soap? Do you know what is in your soap? Read this to learn the facts and learn which ingredients should never be in any of your cosmetics! Learn how you can stop using damaging products like detergent shampoo, conditioner, hairgel, mousse, hairspray and more just by using our 100% natural soap that is healthy for your skin, hair, body and your mind. Read more about our transparent soap here.

Do you suffer from dry, itchy, irritated skin? Our transparent soap is so gentle that eczema and dermatitis sufferers can use it! If you are using a mass produced cleansing product, you will notice a positive difference in your skin in a matter of days, just by using our transparent soap on your hair and body!

Tired of scrubbing soap scum from your sink and tub? When you try our transparent soaps you'll notice the difference and save money on cleaning supplies and spend less time scrubbing the tub! Read what others are saying here.

Because each bar of soap is made by hand, cut by hand, stamped by hand with our logo, and wrapped by hand, it is of the highest quality. Your friends will wonder where you got such a great bar of soap. Be sure to share your secret with them!

Oatmeal Rub Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Passionate Spice Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Mint Swirl Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Lavender Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Purple Rose Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Luscious Licorice Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Wild Ginger Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Sweet Love & Honey Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Spearmint & Sage Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Radiant Sunshine Natural Soap
Reg. $4.19

Deluxe Aromatherapy Starter Kit - 5 mL
Reg. $111.70
On SALE for only $99.00

Deluxe Aromatherapy Starter Kit - 15 mL
Reg. $188.41
On SALE for only $172.00

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